Why hello there my avid bloggers and blog readers. If  you didn’t know, this is my first EVER blog post. So I feel obliged to let you all know my plans and ideas for this, my bootiful blog!

I have many ideas of the route I would like to take my blog down. My ideas are mainly focused around lifestyle and thrifty ideas on how to keep looking wonderful (without the hefty price tag which unfortunately comes with the so called “price of beauty”)

 As beauty blogs go mine WILL be DIFFERENT. Many blogs will tell you about the products they’re using to look good on the outside. I on the other hand will be helping you realise how easy it is to feel and look great without having to go out and spend hundreds of pounds on cosmetics and clothes.

No matter how many times you cleanse and polish your skin there’s no beauty treatment like a good bodily cleanse. Happiness Is a state of mind and only we can allow ourselves to be happy, I believe this is the same with beauty.  No matter how many times we swipe our cards or clear out our wardrobe and go out on a huge haul, the feeling is (unfortunately) temporary.  I believe everyone Is beautiful and wanting to enhance or highlight that is a brilliant thing to do. After all, makeup and fashion are ways of expression and “putting a strong face on”. Whether it be applying a coat of red lipstick or wearing your favourite top, little things make a BIG difference to us.

Now for my promises to you, the reader.

  •       I will review every product I try and give my honest opinion.
  •       I will always take what your (the readers) say into account
  •       My blog will never become solely a place of constant reviews and beauty things.

AND lastly….

My biggest promise is that I will ALWAYS be primarily about my readers and my honest opinions. And the biggest thing of all is my blog is for my beckstars and bloggettes. The avid readers to my blog.

For now my cherry pies it is time to say goodbye!

Before I go I would like you to ask yourselves what have you done this week to make yourself feel proud?

let me know!

So for now cheerio my lovely’s and don’t forget to check my blog (OR FOLLOW ME) to see my next blog posts (ITS FREE!).

So yes! thank you for reading and I hope to see you all again very soon!



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