The Return to my Blog (The Value of time and Making stupid bets)

Hello again guys!

Now I’m not going to do the whole cliché blogger thing where they come up with a gazillion excuses as to why I’ve been away and apologize constantly so I shall be straight up honest; I have been EXTREMELY lazy. Now I could say “ah yes I have been busy revising and going out with family and friends” but the general fact of the matter is that it would have taken me a matter of 5 minutes to sit down and write this post but alas; I have spent my nights watching cake boss and scrolling through my Facebook news feed and watching YouTube videos. Once again this may sound (or read) all to familiar to you seeing as many a You Tuber have vlogged about “Procrastination” and how its taken “over their lives(!)” so I shall simply not try and explain it, however I have linked my favourite videos that have (danisnotonfire-“How To Procrastinate Like a Pro” IISuperwomenII-“How I get Work Donecharlieissocoollike-“Stop Procrastinating”) I am perfectly aware that a little procrastinator manifests within all of us even the hardest of workers sometimes just need to watch some brainless TV (as I like to call it) and listen to the Kardashians discuss their family struggles (oh to be a first world millionaire!) or watch Buddy from Cake Boss dirty ice a hundred cakes and follow the twists and turns that the bakery face (!) Sometimes as people we just need that downtime!

Recently I’ve been thinking about a lot of things, mainly the fact that my GCSE’s are coming up and I feel totally unprepared. Now, I know its going to happen and im going to sit the tests in my school hall in less than a year yet I still cant seem to get myself together to revise; its as if my brains purposely trying to spite me like “oh so NOW you want to revise, well tough because I’m going to make you think of everything apart from photosynthesis…. like what is the meaning of life”- not cool brain; not cool at all.

I’ve only recently realised the value of time, for example; the fact I waste 40 minutes in the morning travelling to school then another forty back or that I waste hours upon end watching TV or films, its like this revelation. So I have decided that seeing as almost indefinitely cannot concentrate on diagrams and what not whilst being thrown about on a bus I will use the time wisely and come up with drafts for my blog posts or lists of things that I need to do; just general bits and bobs I can do to be more organized. As for the hours I spend watching TV? well they’re non-existent. I’ve decided to utilise those hours either revising or watching YouTubes “Blogilates” as I’ve begun this whole being fit thing.

We Can Do It!

I have tried to become fitter before but totally lacked motivation but recently while in a lesson this boy I was sat next to was bragging about his 6 pack and being a generally narcissistic twonk and for some reason one thing led to another and I made a bet with him that I could GET A SIX BACK IN 6 MONTHS?! Now I’m not exactly the type that would seem to have a six pack so this should be très intéressant*slow clap for Becky*I mean I even bet £10.00 s0 if that isn’t going to motivate me I don’t know what will. I will fo sureee get back to you on that and let you know how I’m getting on; if anything me publishing this to THE WHOLE OF THE INTERWEBS should be fairly motivating. at the end of the day I’m  the only one who controls me so if I do fail I have no-one to blame apart from myself; well maybe also my mums ginger sponge puddings.

I’m hopefully going to be a lot more dedicated to this blog and really everything in general. I have plenty of ideas of things to write about ranging from completing the Duke of Edinburgh award (D of E) to dealing with exam stress…. soooo yeah! that’s that. I am sorry this post has been so crappy but I assure you business will return as normal soon.

A little Posey Picture of me! Really gunna miss my hair *sighs*  BUT MORE ON THAT LATER! :D

A little Posey Picture of me! Really gunna miss my hair *sighs*

Ba bye for now blogettes!

Becky xx


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