My List of Priorities- 15 year old Teen

This is what I hope to be a little list of my priorities. The picture above is of my last ever sports day at school- a thought that scares me very much and makes me consider how I have changed as a person.

This post will consist of things that are important to me presently and explain them in an honest way. I hope that I will be able to do more of these in the future and each time I do one that they have changed order or changed entirely. A sort of physiological timeline if you will of things in my brain…… Hope you enjoy the inner clockwork of my brain!

“Sometimes as a person you lose your way. Whether it be through being swayed by others or losing sight of what’s important we stray from the path that we should be travelling on, I personally have no clue as to whether I am wandering down the right path or not but I’m intrigued as to where it’s going to take me.” 

1.Getting the grades. Getting the right grades are so important. In order to keep my options open for the future I need to have the basic grades that allow me to fulfil my potential; well at least that’s what school keeps telling me. I personally do not believe grades are the “be all and end all”, the things that truly control my life. I prefer to think of grades as a good pedestal to boost me up into the big world and help we achieve. Grades aren’t the thing that determine whether you do or not become happy or have a good job. I mean come on, Isaac Newton was failing his tests and Bill Gates was a college dropout. GRADES DO NOT DEFINE YOU AS A PERSON, or so I keep telling myself.

2.  Finding myself as a person. Big issue! At 15 I find I give myself brain ache thinking about what I want for my tea; the prospect that I may have to one day consider my career scares the absolute living jebeebles out of me. I don’t know who I am. I have a pretty good idea that I want to do something that helps others in the future and am very interested in the film industry but god knows where this will take me.

3. What people perceive me as-  The one thing that out of that list really stands out is that I care what people perceive me as; as much as I like to say that I don’t care what people think about me, I do. Its obvious that I don’t care quite as much as your standard 15 year old girl but it affects me somewhat when someone makes a snide comment about a friend to me, it makes me wonder what people say about me behind my back. If I was asked to define myself in 3 words I would say I’m caring, kind and wise. Sometimes I find it difficult to be around my friends who sometimes have trivial problems but blow them entirely out of proportion but I will always offer them advice and a shoulder to cry on but I feel as if sometimes people take me for a given and that when I in return ask for help from others they brush it aside. I will always be there for people to talk to them and guide them but sometimes it would be nice to not be taken for given.  There’s so much more to a person than what they choose to show in there exterior and I feel as if I could show more of myself as a person but I find its easier to conform to what others already see you as than to make them take you (oo-er!) in a different way.

So that just about concludes this post. I have as kept my word and written multiple posts but simply not had the access to publish them so expect you subscription box to be flooded soon! 😀

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See you very soon guys- Becky x