Teen Life?…… Growing up with social media

Hello again guys! 

From the title you can probably tell this isn’t going to be a beauty post, its just a little nugget of my thoughts on teen life and the internet.

A rather flattering picture of me on my first day of school (By the way i do not have a glowing yellow eye...That is just a side affect of my mums fantastic photography!).. .. JAZZ HAANDS!!

A rather flattering picture of me on my first day of school..              also beginning “teen life” (dun dun duuuhh)                ….By the way i do not have a glowing yellow eye…That is just a side affect of my mums fantastic photography!)..

In case you didn’t know I am currently age 14, dead in between what i’d class as childhood (4-12) and adulthood (18 upwards). To me teen years are some of the most testing and odd years of someones life.  I do think that times have changed a lot since (for example) since my parents were at school, lots of things we have to deal with now and that are considered a “normal” part of teen life today(or just things that our parents or people older than us just simply can’t understand) seem alien to others. I think the main change has happened  in the short space of 2 years.  On  February 1, 2012 a social media site called Facebook was launched to the public.

Facebook was one really big when I started high school. My friends would say “get Facebook! its great” or “did you see what Boris put on Facebook last night?!” . I felt secluded from them and as if I was missing out on a lot because I didn’t have Facebook. I wasn’t entirely sure on what it entailed and what Facebook was but after months of nagging at my parents they agreed for me to get Facebook.  I said the main reason I wanted it was to keep in touch with some people I met at an audition so my Mum said “yes”.  When I first got Facebook I was really underwhelmed and thought it was rather crappio but unfortunately after weeks of going on it, it was becoming addictive. Obviously if I would of said this to a person 20 years ago, (that I was pretty much addicted to a social media website) I would’ve been called nutty.  This is partially because Geocities, (supposedly one of the first ever social media sites) was created in 1994, this would mean that 20 years ago social media didn’t even exist.  In fact 32 years ago in 1989 British engineer Tim Berners-Lee began work at CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research, in Switzerland), on what was to become the World Wide Web.  The world wide web itself is only (technically) 32 years old!

Why does Social Media affect Teens most?

Personally I think that Social media really affects teens most because we have grown up with it. There’s sites like  tumblr where things that we view daily and what we consider normal, another person wont. For example the concept of fan “shipping” or “fandoms”.  I personally don’t see the harm in doing this but when I tried to explain it to my mum she just thought it was an absurd thing to do or be a part of and I know its the same with a lot of my friends parents.  I’m not saying every person over the age of 30 is a total dummy when it comes to internet concepts but I would say that a lot of  adults don’t understand things as much as teens or are as accepting of it.  The effect of this is that our views on whats normal is really different to that of say 20 (or maybe even 10) years ago.  We also have sites like twitter that allow us to talk to celebrity’s (or “tweet” them).  This is a thing that is good and bad. For as many good fans that there are there is a handful of people who purposely set out to send “hate messages” to people, (celebrity or not). These people are commonly known as “internet trolls”. We also then have people who are “catfish” (who pretend to be someone there not via a social media website). The Internets a wonderful but scary place.

We view swearing, hate messages and general harshness on a day to day basis and we consider it normal or just a part of being on an internet site. I’m sure if you told an adult about all this they would simply say “delete your account if it bothers you” but the fact is after a while, it doesn’t bother us, we just accept it and “keep scrolling”.  We are also easily influenced by things we see and people we see. Sites such as instagram allow people to share pictures. Celebrity’s also tend to have instagram. They may post a picture of themselves in a bikini or in swimwear. The photo itself is probably edited so much that the person looks nothing like they do in real life but we still look at them and see them as role models and “perfect people”. Obviously not all people are like this and neither are all celebrity’s but again there are a heck of a lot of people who do.

Having Socail media in the  palm of your hand... with great responsibility comes great need to stalk Johnny Depps twitter account...

Having Social media in the palm of your hand… with great power comes great need to stalk Johnny Depps twitter account…(the mans a legend.. how can you not?!) 😉



I think that social media is a fantastic thing to have WHEN USED PROPERLY. You may also be thinking what made me want to write this post in the first place? Well, this week was the school holidays and i noticed that at the start of this week I was wasting my evenings scrolling through Facebook and peoples twitter feeds, it just made me think of what life would be like 20 years ago, what would I have been doing then? who knows, I may of actually ventured out my room into the outside world? 😉

I know that I really have just barely scratched the surface of what social media is but I think that no matter how many blog posts I do I will probably never be able to explain or get my head around the internet. I personally love social media sites like Facebook because they allow us to talk to and keep up with our friends (which is what facebook is supposed to be about) but I think it is difficult to grow up in the “social media age” because of how vulnerable it makes us to the public and how easily you can find so much out about people.  but of course we don’t NEED to get Facebook or any social media sites and they are there to be used properly, just some people don’t.

My advice?

Don’t get too caught up in the world of social media. If you don’t like what you see or what someones saying to you, you don’t have to listen. Inactivate your account or (if on Facebook) block or delete the person. Who actually cares if you don’t get 50 likes on your profile? If someone isn’t friends with you because you don’t have over 300 hundred Facebook friends that’s just sad on there part.  Having so many likes on your profile picture wont get you a GCSE and similarly stalking Johnny Depps  twitter account wont help you pass your math test (sad but true).  My advice? keep calm and give yourself a break from social media. Don’t let your phone rule your life. In fact I challenge you to not go on Facebook (or any other social media site) (except bloglovin of course 😉 ) and just have a break, go out and socialize or pick up your revison book. do something today that future you will thank you for!

I spy with my little eye...  A floating yellow person without a body....  !SMILEY!

I spy with my little eye…
A floating yellow head without a body….


 (: —————————————————————————————- 🙂


I hope this has been helpful to at least one person!

Xxxxxxxx See you all soon, have a great bonfire night guys! xxxxxxX


Autumnal Ramblings/My Holy Grail of Skin Care :) (WINTER SAVIORS 2013)

Autumnal Rambles!

Why hello there Bloggettes. As you can probably tell from the title of this post, I’m going to be doing my beauty necessities. The 101 survival guide on how to protect and help your skin survive even the toughest of winters.

An introduction to “Sweater Weather” and general Rambles!


(If you don’t want to read my rather insightful winter rambles and want to get straight to my Holy Grail of beauty… scroll down to the red writing) 🙂

Seeing as the weather is changing from the rather unusual (but pleasant) warm(ish) Summer and heading through  to Autumn/ Fall. Its time to crack open your Carmex and smother your Vaseline all over your lips because right here, right now is when our skin is tested the most. Personally I love the colder seasons (or the sweater weather seasons as I like to call them) , there’s nothing nicer than having a hot chocolate when its raining outside and your all snuggled up in your duvets, warm and comfy, watching the world go by.

Unfortunately if we do wander out the comfort of our homes in the sweater weather seasons, we easily forget all about our facial skin. We wear coat, scarves and snugly socks. Its very rare you’ll see someone journey out the house (at this time of the year) wearing hot pants, toms and a strappy vest top from Primark. We cover ourselves up to keep warm and to protect from the cold harsh winter winds. More often than not we just simply cannot be bothered with makeup or SPF (sun protection factor) in the wintery months and therefore our skin suffers due to our general sluggishness.  You’re probably thinking, “SPF when its raining… you mad person why would I need that now?!”. Well my dearies, quite simply because even went we cant see the sun there are still harmful rays lurking about ready to strike a poor defenseless SPF-less face. Its better to be safe than sorry my bloggettes. Just pop a bit of SPF tinted moisturizer on there and were good to go. Do something today that future you will thank your for. Even something as small as that may have a big difference the skin..



MY COLD WEATHER “LITTLE BEAUTY” SAVIORS”!… (products I just couldn’t live without..)

THE BEAUTY BIT. …Be ready for the wind!

I have been loving many a product thought the many winters I have faced and a majority of them I couldn’t of faced without these products on my face……FACE (is it just me that thinks the word face is starting to sound weird now anyways.. )*ahem*

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot cloth cleanser….

I’ve been using this on my face for almost a year now, I can honestly say after trying many cleansers from many brands) I have come to the conclusion.. Liz Earle is the holy grail of makeup removing and general cleansyness. I’ve used a variety of different cleansing products that range from Clinique’s 3 step Anti-Blemish Solutions to Simples kind to skin Face washes and cleansers  and none of them are a patch on the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish. It removes every morsel of makeup from your skin and leaves it clean and (I think) visibly clearer. ( I may or may not do another blog post on the Cleanse and Polish?)

"I don't see nothin' wrong with a little cleanse and polish" Oooh err!

“I don’t see nothin’ wrong with a little cleanse and polish”
Oooh err!

It comes in £13.00 a tube so I ask you this. If you haven’t tried it,.. WHYY?! they’re even doing festive packaging! 🙂 http://uk.lizearle.com/cleanse-and-polish-limited-edition.html—- festive packaging (limited edition)

http://uk.lizearle.com/cleanse-and-polish-hot-cloth-cleanser.html  ——The original

http://uk.lizearle.com/liz-earle-for-men-cleanse-and-polish.html —- one for the males

Rosy lips Vaseline..

Again I cannot stress to you how much I love this!

Vaseline is available world wide and is basically petroleum jelly adapting to certain smells and “flavors” (e.g. the coca butter Vaseline that gives off a faintly chocolatey aroma) The Rosy lips Vaseline (as well as moisturizing the skin) also tints it a slight pink colour. Its truly a great product! I also tend to use it as a highlighter above my (slightly non-existent) cheekbones.


Another little tip… if you’re going to a special event or just fancy a change to your usual daily skin care regime.  Marilyn Monroe was a big fan of  doing this this…  This is believed to be what gave Marilyn her dewy glow. Apply some original Vaseline all over your face and use it as a kind of protective film/ night moisturizer on your facicals that will protect it (briefly) from the harsh winter winds … It works wonders. Marilyn used to apply a layer of powder then Vaseline..and repeated.


 "Pink, it's my new obsession  Pink, it's not even a question,  Pink, on the lips of your lover  'Cause Pink is the love you discover" Ooh sneaky Aerosmith Lyric!

“Pink, it’s my new obsession
Pink, it’s not even a question,
Pink, on the lips of your lover
‘Cause Pink is the love you discover”
Ooh sneaky Aerosmith Lyric!

  At £2.00 for a tin you really cant go wrong! Just give it a go!

http://www.superdrug.com/search?q=rosy+lips+vaseline—– all the Vaseline your heart could ever want..

My Liz Earle Colour Sheer Skin tint (with SPF 15)


Clinique moisture surge CC cream (with SPF 30)

Now I did purchase these products separately but I must say they work rather well together! I have fair skin and auburn hair so obviously its always going to be hard to find a base to fit my needs. Unfortunately I also have blemishes and therefore always believed foundation was the answer to cover up, that a heavy foundation was required. Oh how wrong I was! Its not how much you put on, its how you put it on! The reason I mix these products (that do work rather well by themselves) together is that I have a very odd skin tone. Its quite an uneven skin tone, some parts with yellowish undertones and others with pinkish ones. Mixing these together (seeing as they both have different undertones) they create the perfect base.

a little bit of CC cream to the left A little bit of Liz Earle to my right

a little bit of CC cream to the left
A little bit of Liz Earle to my right

Now they are quite pricy but they’re very much worth it, especially if you feel like having a lazy makeup day… slap some on and your good to go! 🙂

http://uk.lizearle.com/sheer-skin-tint-spf15.html —— Liz Earles Sheer Skin Tint

http://www.clinique.co.uk/product/1599/25255/Makeup/Foundations/NEW-Moisture-Surge-CC-Cream-SPF-30-Hydrating-Colour-Corrector/index.tmpl ——- Clinique’s CC cream


Now as the wintery months fall our skin gets dryer.. I suffer from Excma and dry skin so I find that moisturising is basically my winter staple product…

Oliatum—– is mainly for my Excma, it clears it up really well and reduces dryness

The Daily Smooth™ Body Lotion By Soap and Glory smells glorious—–, (I suppose the typical S&G smell) and does the job beautifully.

Hand Food, also by Soap & Glory—— is absolutely fantastic and is by far the best high-street hand cream (in my opinion) . It smells gorgeous and leaves hands luxuriously soft! what else could you ask for?

Garnier Intensive 7 Days Daily Body Lotion with nourishing  MANGO OIL  for Dry Skin—- (bit of a mouthful) is also a body moisturizer. Whereas The S&G body moisturizer smells gorgeous and has a thick consistency and the Oilatum has a odd smell and ultra thick consistency the Garnier has a light consistency and still smells fab. All of them are very different products but the Garnier is the CHEAPEST and at £3.14 you cant really go wrong!

and lastly my Liz Earle Skin repair LIght moisturiser—- This was absolutely free as I got it as a sample. I can honestly say its worked wonders on my face! Its free and a fantastic product.. You cant really go wrong…

(From left to right) Oliatum, garnier,Liz Earle, hand food, daily smooth!  *****To be honest I'm a bit of a moisturiser hoarder*****

(From left to right)
Oliatum, garnier,Liz Earle, hand food, daily smooth!
*****To be honest I’m a bit of a moisturiser hoarder*****

and im not putting a link to the Liz Earle face cream because you can just go to your nearest Liz Earle shop and ask for a sample, the worst they can say is no! My sample has lasted me around a month(ish)

http://www.boots.com/en/Oilatum-Cream-Pump-500ml_981685/—- Oilatum– smells odd–does the job

http://www.soapandglory.com/the-daily-smoothtm-body-lotion —-Daily Smooth-smells fab–slightly pricy

http://www.soapandglory.com/hand-food-trade-mini —- Hand Food–smells amazing!–cheap as chips-an all round good egg!

http://www.boots.com/en/Garnier-Intensive-7-Days-Daily-Body-Lotion-with-nourishing-MANGO-OIL-for-Dry-Skin-250ml_1189087/ —– Intensive 7 day body lotion–smells lovely–ridiculously cheap

Gel de douche

( a more entertaining way to say shower gel)

I know it sounds trivial but the little things in life are what really counts. Doing a seemingly normal thing like having a shower can become so much more! Also women (on average) spend 136 days in there LIFETIME getting ready! 3,276 hours in a girls lifetime is spent  applying make-up, having a shower and dressing up! So in my opinion we may as well waste our lives in style! (haha). So yeah basically, I really find these shower gels do an uber good job, they re all by original source who have brilliant ethics and equally good products, my personal favorite is the mint and tea tree oil one. It leaves your skin tingly and soft (plus the scent is amazing!)

(from left to right)  Tingly (aha) tea tree and mint, Luscious lemon and tea tree (reminds me of lemon curd!) And last but by no means least.. Sweet Vanilla and Raspberry!

(from left to right)
Tingly (aha) tea tree and mint,
Luscious lemon and tea tree (reminds me of lemon curd!)
And last but by no means least.. Sweet Vanilla and Raspberry!

http://www.mysupermarket.co.uk/Shopping/FindProducts.aspx?Query=Original%20Source%20Shower%20Gel%20mint%20and%20tea%20tree — The tea tree and mint Shower gel! This scent never goes out of fashion! I really think its an year rounder product! It also has 7,927 mint leaves in, has natural fragrance, is recyclable, tested on the creators and has a tingly sensation when lathered onto the skin!

http://www.mysupermarket.co.uk/Shopping/FindProducts.aspx?Query=Original%20Source%20Shower%20Gel%20vanilla%20and%20rasberry —- The Raspberry and Vanilla shower gel! 82 brittish sunrises went into making on bottle! Its a strong, sweet fragrance. Its tested on humans, is recyclable, made in the UK and is vegan! Its also a moisturising  shower gel which is always a bonus for your skin!

http://www.mysupermarket.co.uk/Shopping/FindProducts.aspx?Query=Original%20Source%20Shower%20lemon%20and%20tea%20tree — The Tea Tree and lemon shower Gel! 10 lemons were packed into one bottle! Its tested on humans, has natural fragrance and the bottle is recyclable! has a zesty fragrance and has an uplifting scent..



And lastly!!!!…..


There is no better accessory than a smile! I know the winter months can be gloomy but keep your chin up and smile, enjoy the winter months because soon enough they’ll be gone and we’ll be back to complaining its too hot (ha not likely)… But seriously!  Enjoy it! and have a great October guys! 🙂


xxxx !See you all soon! xxxx


Why hello there my avid bloggers and blog readers. If  you didn’t know, this is my first EVER blog post. So I feel obliged to let you all know my plans and ideas for this, my bootiful blog!

I have many ideas of the route I would like to take my blog down. My ideas are mainly focused around lifestyle and thrifty ideas on how to keep looking wonderful (without the hefty price tag which unfortunately comes with the so called “price of beauty”)

 As beauty blogs go mine WILL be DIFFERENT. Many blogs will tell you about the products they’re using to look good on the outside. I on the other hand will be helping you realise how easy it is to feel and look great without having to go out and spend hundreds of pounds on cosmetics and clothes.

No matter how many times you cleanse and polish your skin there’s no beauty treatment like a good bodily cleanse. Happiness Is a state of mind and only we can allow ourselves to be happy, I believe this is the same with beauty.  No matter how many times we swipe our cards or clear out our wardrobe and go out on a huge haul, the feeling is (unfortunately) temporary.  I believe everyone Is beautiful and wanting to enhance or highlight that is a brilliant thing to do. After all, makeup and fashion are ways of expression and “putting a strong face on”. Whether it be applying a coat of red lipstick or wearing your favourite top, little things make a BIG difference to us.

Now for my promises to you, the reader.

  •       I will review every product I try and give my honest opinion.
  •       I will always take what your (the readers) say into account
  •       My blog will never become solely a place of constant reviews and beauty things.

AND lastly….

My biggest promise is that I will ALWAYS be primarily about my readers and my honest opinions. And the biggest thing of all is my blog is for my beckstars and bloggettes. The avid readers to my blog.

For now my cherry pies it is time to say goodbye!

Before I go I would like you to ask yourselves what have you done this week to make yourself feel proud?

let me know!

So for now cheerio my lovely’s and don’t forget to check my blog (OR FOLLOW ME) to see my next blog posts (ITS FREE!).

So yes! thank you for reading and I hope to see you all again very soon!